I’m Alex Benson, a Product Designer at in Seattle, Washington, USA

Previously at Crema

A decade of experience has made me a product thinker with a eye for good design

A decade. It's crazy to think it has almost been that long. Back then terms like ‘product design’ didn’t exist. It was a wild west and we were just starting to understand what we really did. Terms like User Experience were buzzwords. Twitter had yet to go public on the NYSE. Instagram had just been purchased in the largest acquisition to that point, $1 billion.

Now, a decade later I can look back and see the growth that has occurred in the industry, but also the growth that’s occurred in myself. I’ve gone from Director of User Experience at a three person startup to a Product Designer at Facebook. That move isn’t that strange in today’s world of UI/UX design, but it’s something I couldn't have fathomed 8 years ago.  

I got my first Product Designer position before I knew what that was and figured it out as I went. Thanks to mentors who took a chance on me I have continued to grow in the thing I'm most passionate about, solving problems.

What you find here is not a portfolio of  Dribbble shots that will be changed out with the waxing and waning of trends. It is not a snapshot of my career as I search for my next job. It is an enduring documentation of how far I’ve come and how far I’ve yet to go.

My name is Alex. And I’m a Product Designer.

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Product Designer since January 2019

Solving complex problems for emerging advertisers on Facebook's Ad platform

In my product designer role in Facebook’s Ads and Business Platform, I work at the intersection of data and advertising. My focus since I joined has been on how to take our complex advertising interfaces and simplify it for the next generation of growing businesses, while finding scalable solutions for existing customers.

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