Outcome Driven Signals Setup

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Facebook is among the worlds largest online advertising platforms. In the past decade, their user base has gone from experts to everyday people.

Customers were confused by the onboarding process, with it’s bloated language and focus on technologies that catered to marketers. This led to people underutilizing the product or worse, churning altogether.

Through a series of interview sessions, the team concluded the best approach was to build an onboarding service that catered to the desired outcomes and provided a recommended setup. This would cater to newer audiences while still being approachable by power users.

Through a series of workshops, we developed a framework to guide us in our process.

  • Assessment to understand their desired outcome
  • Recommendation to provide options in clear terminology, and explain how it would help them
  • Tailored Setup to guide them through setup to ensure proper implementation
  • Stateful Monitoring to help those who take longer to set things up and to recommend changes in the future

I led the team through iterative testing of onboarding designs to refine the approach while working with our engineering and sales teams to ensure the right recommendations could be provided.

This work created multiple new patterns for our teams to use as setup flows became more difficult. It also laid the groundwork for the onboarding of the newest product: Conversions API.