Skin cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancers globally. It's also one of the most preventable. Awareness and prevention are the keys to fighting this cancer.

With more than 3 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) and approximately 300,000 cases of melanoma worldwide each year, a lot of people suffer from this. The problem is many aren't aware of the exposure they're receiving outside or inside.

People may get too much UV exposure before feeling the symptoms (sunburn), or never develop symptoms. Different skin types lead to different levels of UV resistance. Many also don't fully understand the prevention methods they can take.

Eclipse RX was created to solve this problem The band could be worn on a wrist, clothing, or a beach bag. This was connected to an app that displayed how much UV they had been exposed to, how much was too much, and what actions they could take to prolong their time outside.

This needed to be something that could be glanceable, didn't require a lot of messing with, and easily understandable. It didn't need to train someone on the details, just quickly communicating the info to take actions. I designed a minimal UI that gave them the most important information in a glance, while giving access to actions to slow down their exposure.

During the project, the client knew they wanted to have sunscreen application impact the exposure limits, extending their safe time outside. But the client did not have any proprietary way of solving for this, or information to go off of to develop this. To keep the project on track, I sat with engineering and looked up research data and devised a method for cutting exposure and gradually increasing it over time.

The product was launched and used nationally. They're currently developing a V2 integrated into Apple Watch. The product was featured in Forbes magazine in 2018.