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My Work

Enterprise, startup, and personal projects.

In both my professional work and my passion projects, I've found ways to push my creativity and problem solving and made amazing projects along the way. Here's just a collection of those items that I'm allowed to share (NDAs, amirite?) and that I feel represent some of my most recent and/or best work.

Flight Pro | Side Project

Designing the future of flight interfaces and AR piloting

Back in 2018, I got to fly for the first time, and sitting in that cockpit got me thinking about how a lot of these systems could be updated. So I set out to learn about and design an updated interface for pilots.

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The New Underground | Side Project

Imagining the future of accessible public transit in Los Angeles

As cities grow and populations balloon, the congestion that comes with it will become an ever growing problem. In 2016, Elon Musk shared his vision of what personalized underground transportation could look like in the future. I took a look at how riders might interact with that world.

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Audible Redesign| Side Project

Redesigning Audible's UI for a new generation of on-the-go listeners

I'm an avid listener of audiobooks. In 2019 I listened to 15 books in 2019 alone. And spending all of that time in the Audible app exposed a lot of UX problems to me. I wanted to set out to solve my own problems through a redesign of the app.

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Peloton | Case Studies

Running towards your first marathon, with a few friends.

In 2018, I got engaged. I also realized my health had been neglected since college. I set out to start running to be healthier for my wedding. The app I started running with was a coaching app that got me from the couch to 5K ready. But of course, spending that much time with an app only showed me how much better it could be.

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MedEdGuru | Midwestern Originals

Making emergency medical education available for those in the most under-served places

MedEdGuru provides emergency medical education to underserved populations by crowdsourcing articles, videos, and more. They came to Midwestern Originals in 2018 with a problem. They had all this information they wanted to make available to the world, a limited budget, and needed a way to keep it updated and crowdsourced.

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