A decade of experience working for small startups, product agencies, and tech companies.


Product Designer since January 2019

  • Lead designer on multiple flagship, revenue-generating projects
  • Led strategic visioning projects for long-term planning
  • Led strategy and execution across multiple product areas and audiences
  • Worked with research to develop plans to validate concepts across projects
  • Part of leadership that defined roadmap across multiple halves
  • Organized and led multiple design sprints to generate alignment for solutions with cross-functional stakeholders
  • Facilitated design team critiques
  • Mentored and trained new designers and developers
  • Led design execution of several key product improvements that drove significant increases in product adoption
  • Interviewed and participated in recruiting efforts and other team building efforts

Event Setup Tool

Launched a no-code, point and click tool to unlock the power of targeted advertising for small businesses.

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Conversions API

The main tool for offsite customer data tracking, I took a complicated setup process and helped simplify it for a non-technical audience.

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Outcome Driven Signals Setup

Revolutionized the way Facebook looks at onboarding new users into their signals platform by using inferred customer intent and dynamic recommendations.

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Product Designer from December 2015 to January 2019

  • Sole designer across multiple projects and clients responsible for quickly crafting a product vision for many successful projects
  • Developed and prototyped early stage concepts
  • Participated in design sprints with clients to understand their business
  • Led discussions during meetings with clients
  • Worked closely with Product Strategists, Developers, Project Managers, and other stakeholders
  • Worked with other designers and leadership to develop content
  • Managed and mentored design interns

Secure Blueprint

Designed this 0-1 data security program to allow cyber security professionals to measure and quantify their cyber security infrastructures and teams.

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A complete facelift and refresh of a major recruiter for physicians and nurses across the country.

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App and UX design for this startup looking to provide easy options when eating out and cooking at home while watching your macro and micronutrition.

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Midwestern Originals

Owner/Founder from August 2014

  • Founded a small successful design agency
  • Developed several successful subsidiary revenue generating ventures
  • Recruited and worked with many clients across web and app design and development
  • Pivoted several times to adjust business model
  • Created a sustainable mentorship model for contractors
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Code Koalas & Omnibox TV

Full Stack Designer from August 2014 to December 2015

  • Designed branding, marketing collateral, and web design for this drupal web shop and its clients
  • Worked autonomously for many clients in a high demand environment
  • Designed a robust SASS platform used by over 30 YMCA’s across the country
  • Redesigned a upcoming Android TV product
  • Worked with overseas vendors to product packaging for Android TV product
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Director of User Experience from October 2013 to August 2014

  • Sole designer on a funded startup
  • Established a brand language for company
  • Worked with marketing to produce engagement collateral
  • Conducted user testing with college students
  • Front end developer for product
  • Managed interns
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Creative Director from May 2013 to October 2013

  • Established a brand language and logo for company
  • Produced marketing material
  • Designed initial product during a startup incubator
  • Worked with a user testing firm to validate designs
  • Managed interns
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