Former bartender, photographer, delivery driver, student, and dropout.

I've done a lot of things in my path to becoming a designer. I didn't grow up knowing I wanted to be a designer or an artist. I stumbled into this work. But over the past decade, I've learned what it takes to make great digital products. I grew from a photographer to a graphic design student, and from web design I learned UX and UI. And I drew upon all of those past experiences to inform how I design.

Teaching myself along the way, I've had the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, and big tech companies. Along the way, I've designed for a wide variety of clients: nutrition apps, fitness gurus, nuclear hydraulics technicians, and data security engineers just to name a few.

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A Bit About Me

A collection of facts about me.

I am getting my pilot's license.

Ever since my introductory lesson in 2018, I've been looking forward to flying again. I spend a lot of hours in simulators and in the near future, I'll be beginning my flight training. I can't wait to get up there again.

I'm from the Midwest

Growing up in Minnesota and Missouri has left an indelible mark on me. I've been grateful to work with so many people from so many different places and while I love living in Seattle, a part of me will always be in the midwest. It's one of the reasons I named my company Midwestern Originals.

I've had a lot of odd jobs

It's become a joke among my friends, "one time when I worked as a...". I spent 2 hours as a Sandwich Specialist at Subway. I laid stone for a masonry company one winter. I was a delivery driver for a few years. I was even a bartender, part of the reason I started Kansas City Cocktail Club. Gas station attendant, security at a theme park, the list goes on and on..

I'm renovating a house

My partner and I recently purchase our first home. We found the perfect place in our favorite Seattle neighborhood and we're updating it. We've already completed the front third of the house and are working on our kitchen/living room next. Follow @pacificnorthwestbymidwest on Instagram for more.